Tips for Preparing a Roof Replacement Budget

Over time, even the highest-quality roof will eventually succumb to the effects of wear and tear from exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh weather, and will need to be replaced. In today’s post, Bradford Xteriors, your roofing and window replacement expert, shares three key tips to help you prepare a proper roof replacement budget:


Outline Roofing Costs

You need to consider several factors when creating your roof replacement budget: extent of damage, size of your home, and roofing material. As your trusted roofing contractor, we can assess the damage to your home and offer guidance as you choose a roofing material. We’ll also provide a warranty for both the installation and the product to ensure your lasting protection.

Consider Material Costs

You have numerous options when it comes to roofing materials, from the ever popular asphalt shingles to the long-lasting tile to eco-friendly metal. Each material has specific short-term and long-term costs, which you need to consider when preparing your budget. For instance, asphalt shingles may have the lowest upfront cost, but have a shorter service life than other materials, like metal.

The experts at Bradford Xteriors can help you choose the best material for your home and your budget. Considering beauty, protection, and efficiency, we can provide high-quality materials to help you make the most of your roof replacement.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Everyone hopes their project will go smoothly and according to plan. Unfortunately, unexpected situations can arise at any given time during the project. For example, the plywood under your roof may need replacing or your gutters may need repairs. To prepare for the unexpected, we recommend setting aside a contingency budget of 20% of your overall budget.

Bradford Xteriors offers quality roofing and siding services to keep your home beautiful and protected. You can learn more about our different services by calling us at (614) 328-8188. We serve Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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