Factors of a Bid

As a homeowner, it can be beneficial to know what factors affect a contractor’s bid. With this information, you may be able to better understand what constitutes a fair price for whatever project you are taking on, such as a roof replacement near Columbus, Ohio. The factors considered may include the type of project you… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter can seem unending when you live in a poorly insulated house. Siding installation in the Dublin, Ohio, area is a good way to add insulation. However, there are other projects you can undertake to help increase the warmth of your home.   Use Curtains Wisely: During the day, you want to let the sun… Continue Reading

Prepare Your Home for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, but are you planning on handing out candy this year? If so, you may need to think about making other preparations besides a roof repair in the Columbus, Ohio, area this fall. To make sure your Halloween, and the Halloween of the trick-or-treaters, goes as planned, consider taking these… Continue Reading

Where Should You Look for a Roof Leak?

No one wants to deal with a roof leak, but finding it early on may help save you lots of money. Before you search for a ‘roofer near me,’ consider checking out a few common weak spots for water issues. Once you have spotted a problem, however, you should promptly call in the professionals.  … Continue Reading

Improve the Exterior Look of Your Home This Fall

Curb appeal can help sell a home quickly or show pride in ownership. No matter why you want your exterior to look good, you may need a few tips to help make it happen. Some of these projects are bigger and more expensive, like new siding installation in the Dublin, Ohio, area, while others may… Continue Reading

A Look at TAMKO® Building Products

When you work with a roofing company in the Columbus, Ohio, area, you need to know it can provide you with top-quality products for your roofing project. Here at Bradford Xteriors, we offer building products from a variety of manufacturers, including TAMKO®. What sort of roofing materials can you get from this manufacturer?   Laminated… Continue Reading

Why Do You Need a Fall Roof Inspection?

Why Do You Need a Fall Roof Inspection?

A fall inspection done by a roofing company in Columbus, Ohio, is a necessity for many homeowners. Not all homeowners choose to get their regular inspection done during the autumn, but this season is a good time to have your roof looked at by a professional team. Doing an examination in the fall is beneficial… Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Entry Doors

Frequently Asked Questions About Entry Doors

Are you getting ready for an entry door replacement in Dublin, Ohio? You may have a few questions for the contractor before you get started with this home improvement project.   Question: Will I Need a Permit for My Door Installation?   Answer: The building permits required vary from city to city. Before the team… Continue Reading

What Are You Looking for in a New Window?

Finding a window replacement in Columbus, Ohio, can be a challenge if you do not take the time to figure out what you are actually looking for in a new window. You need to figure out what factors are important for you, your new window and your home. Are you more worried about the warranty,… Continue Reading